Week5-Technology: Internets and Packets

  • Common Link Layer technologies are…
  1. WiFi
  2. Optical
  3. Satellite
  4. Ethernet
  5. Cable Modem
  6. DSL
  • **When looking at addresses form most general to most specific, we read IP addresses ________ and we read domain addresses _________. **
  1. left to right, right to left
  • When do wireless devices receive their serial numbers (i.e. MAC or Ethernet addresses)?
  1. When they are manufactured
  • What does the time taken for a packet to reach a destination usually reflect?
  1. The speed of light and the distance the packet has to travel
  • How do wireless devices operating on a shared network determine when to send information so as not to incur chaos?
  1. They listen to the sound on the current network, and send information when it is quiet.
  • What is the concern when deciding which device sends information next on Ethernet?
  1. Ensuring fairness – that one type of device, data, or user is not preferred over others.
  • What is the maximum possible number of hops a packet can take to try to reach their destination (the so-called “Time To Live” functionality of packets)?
  1. 255
  • What are Router Tables?
  1. Dynamic lists of directions for where and how to direct packets
  • What are the layers, and in what order do we structure them?
  1. Application Layer
    Transport Layer
    Internetwork Layer
    Link Layer
  • What is the Internet Protocol Layer responsible for?
  1. Getting a packet to a specific network address
  • How is an IP address determined?
  1. Geographically
  • The prefix of an IP address determines what?
  1. The network that it belongs to
  • What is the Link Layer responsible for?
  1. Deciding on the next link that a packet should be sent on once it is inside of a router
  • Is it possible to track a packet’s journey across the network?
  1. Yes, using a technique called ‘traceroute’ which tracks the packets that are returned due to transmission failure.


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